Tuesday Seminar: Maggie Sood (11/14)

Speaker: Maggie Sood
In partnership with Ashleigh Smith, Kevin Baetscher, Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Claire Stabile, Brad Rentz, Gavin Lamb, Christina Higgins & Victoria Anderson

Title: Introducing HI-SKILLS: Hawai’i School Kids Investigating Language in Life + Society

Date & Time: 11/14 (Tues.), 12:00PM
Abstract: In this seminar we introduce HI-SKILLS, a linguistics-based after-school program that started last spring at Voyager Public Charter School. We present the ongoing development of HI-SKILLS as a community-based extension of the LDTC, and discuss our philosophical viewpoint that kids are experts about the language they hear around them every day. We also present the activities and materials we developed during the HI-SKILLS session last spring, and look to the future. HI-SKILLS is an outreach project of the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Second Language Studies, and is sponsored by the Hawaiʻi Linguistics Association and the Charlene Junko Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole, and Dialect Studies.