Austronesian Circle: Manami Sato (10/9)

Speaker: Dr. Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)

Date: 10/9 (Mon.), 4-5PM

Location: TBA

Title: Psycholinguistics goes to the field: Effects of physical actions on event apprehension and selection of voice and word order in the Truku language

Abstract: We created a novel task to manipulate sense of agency and to assess whether pull/pulled actions cognitively influence event apprehension and are linguistically reflected in a subsequent process of selecting voice (Actor/Goal) and temporal alignment of linguistic components (VOS/SVO). We discuss eye-movement and sentence production data from 30 native speakers of the verb-initial language Truku. (Read more here.) 


Post Doc Position for Dr. Elaine Lau

Dr. Elaine Lau,  2016 alumna,  has just accepted a postdoctoral position at the Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre (CBRC) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She will be developing psycholinguistic research on multilingual and heritage child language acquisition, as well as infant language development.