LAE Labs Workshop: Intro to PRAAT

Have you ever wanted to do speech analysis, but don’t know where to start? Are you taking classes that will require you to look at speech sounds, but it’s all new to you? Just interested in knowing how to do basic stuff with waveforms and spectrograms? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, this week’s workshop is for you!

Thomas will be leading an Introduction to Praat that will go over the very basics: how to open files, how to view and edit spectrograms, how to create a textgrid, what keyboard shortcuts to use during analysis, and any other beginning questions that come up.
We again remind you that in order to plan our workshops better, we’re asking participants to put their names down on our sign-up sheet. If very few people are interested in a particular workshop, we may reschedule or cancel. You’ll also notice that the rest of the semester’s workshop schedule is on the sign-up sheet. Feel free to sign up for future workshops that you plan to attend.