Da Pidgin Coup

Da Pidgin Coup is a small group, comprised mainly of faculty and graduate students from the departments of Second Language Studies, Linguistics and English, as well as community experts, who have been meeting regularly since fall 98. Our main focus is on linguistic and educational issues concerning Pidgin. The group has two main functions:

(1) to stimulate and support research on Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole)
(2) to advocate recognition of Pidgin in the university and wider communities.

Topics to cover on March 6:

  • Pushing back the Pidgin Film Festival to Fall 2017
  • Potential education workshop for Fall 2017
  • Bethany Schwartz: Pidgin and Education in Elementary Schools

The co-convenors are Kent Sakoda (sakoda@nullhawaii.edu) and Christina Higgins (cmhiggin@nullhawaii.edu).