Da Pidgin Coup (11/6)

Speaker: Taylor Lewis (SLS Graduate Student)
Date and Time: 11/6 (Mon.), 12:30PM
Location: Sato Center

Lewis will be analyzing the comments on social media following the recent Civil Beat article on the Pidgin Summit, and how the different media (Civil Beat, KITV news) reported on the summit may have influenced the ensuing comments. Lunch provided by the Student Activity Program Fee Board.

Da Pidgin Coup (10/16)

When: Oct. 16 (Mon.), 12:30PM
Where: Sato Center

Will include debriefing of the Pidgin Summit, talk story, and lunch courtesy of the Student Activity Program Fee Board (SAPFB)!

Da Pidgin Coup

When: Mon., 9/25
Where: TP 101, Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole, and Dialect Studies
Speaker: Claire Stabile

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Pidgin Summit, “Eh, Get Pidgin?” on Oct. 11, 2017 (Wed.), from 9AM-3PM at Farrington High School.

The goals of the summit will be:

  • To enhance participants’ understanding of the history and linguistic structure of Pidgin
  • To draw attention to the ways that multilingual pedagogies including Pidgin can enhance learning
  • To raise awareness of the connections between language, identity, and academic success
  • To provide practical teaching materials and activities for teachers in a wide array of context

Da Pidgin Coup

***laes minet rimainda***
***This meeting will be made possible in part through funding from SAPFB (Student Activity Program Fee Board)***
hallohauzit evrewan…

jas wan kwik rimainda get Pidgin Coup mitin tude… 12:30… Sato Ctr TP101…
go kam diskas da Pidgin Summit aen it lanch wit as krDasi awv SAPFB… aen if yu no kaen mek om, no foget fo raejesta fo da samet asap…

Da Pidgin Coup Meeting 8/28

Come to the first meeting of Da Pidgin Coup this Monday, Aug. 28 at the Sato Center in TP 101. On the agenda: Pidgin Summit on Oct. 11, lunch, and talk story.

Da Pidgin Coup – Final SPR17 mtg!

This meeting will be made possible in part through funding from SAPFB (Student Activity Program Fee Board).

We will be discussing about events for the fall semester, such as the film festival and education summit workshop.

Da Pidgin Coup

Da Pidgin Coup is a small group, comprised mainly of faculty and graduate students from the departments of Second Language Studies, Linguistics and English, as well as community experts, who have been meeting regularly since fall 98. Our main focus is on linguistic and educational issues concerning Pidgin. The group has two main functions:

(1) to stimulate and support research on Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole)
(2) to advocate recognition of Pidgin in the university and wider communities.

The co-convenors are Kent Sakoda (sakoda@nullhawaii.edu) and Christina Higgins (cmhiggin@nullhawaii.edu).