Tuesday Seminar: Chien-Jer Charles Lin (10/17)

Speaker: Chien-Jer Charles Lin, (Associate Professor of Chinese Linguistics, East Asian Languages and Culture, Indiana University)

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017

Title: Processing Prenominal Relative Clauses in Mandarin Chinese: Forms and Functions

Time: 12:00 – 1:15 PM

Place: AGSCI 220
The last 15 years of research on Chinese relative clause processing have indicated both promising directions as well as puzzles. This talk reviews the landscape of these findings and how this line of research sheds light on the processing of head-final structures. Among the many questions regarding the forms and functions of prenominal relative clauses in Mandarin, I will discuss the following three from a sentence processing perspective: 1) What is the discourse function of prenominal relative clauses in terms of restrictiveness and contrastiveness?, 2) What do comparisons between different types of relative clauses in Chinese illuminate?, and 3) What is the role of working memory in processing prenominal relative clauses?


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Amy Schafer (aschafer@nullhawaii.edu) & Gyu-Ho Shin (ghshin@nullhawaii.edu)
Tuesday Seminar Coordinator & Tuesday Seminar Graduate Assistant