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 Oceanic Linguistics is a journal that is published twice a year by the University of Hawai’i Press with the general aim of advancing scientific knowledge about the languages of the Pacific islands, Australia and New Guinea.
The impetus for starting the journal was a request of the Panel on Research Needs in Pacific Languages at the Tenth Pacific Science Congress, held in Honolulu in 1961. The journal was founded under the general editorship of Prof. George W. Grace at Southern Illinois University in 1962, and moved to the University of Hawai’i the following year. From its founding through the 1980s the journal published few papers of a general theoretical nature, a typical volume rarely exceeded 200 pages, and in some cases the volume appeared as a single double issue. Since that time Oceanic Linguistics has grown dramatically in size and scope. During the 1990s most volumes were 300-450 pages. Since 2000 typical volumes have ranged from 550 to nearly 700 pages, and have included a wide range of articles that are both data-rich and theoretically informed. Most issues contain 3-4 reviews, and occasional squibs in addition to articles.
The journal is currently edited by John D. Lynch, who is retired from the University of the South Pacific in Port Vila, Vanuatu, with Robert Blust of the University of Hawai’i functioning as review editor.


 The UH Working Papers in Linguistics are works in progress and pre-publication papers written by students, faculty, and visitors to the Department of Linguistics. Please find a list of working papers, as well as submission guidelines, here.


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