Language Analysis and Experimentation Labs

The Language Analysis and Experimentation Labs (LAE Labs) are a research and teaching facility dedicated to human language and the cognitive mechanisms responsible for it. The LAE Labs house research on the articulation, acoustics, and perception of speech, the production and recognition of words, and the processing of sentences and discourse. Tools used by faculty and student researchers in these labs include audio and video recording hardware, acoustic analysis software, articulatory measurement devices, eye-tracking equipment, large language corpora, tools for building computational models of linguistic and cognitive behavior, and experiment design and analysis software. For more information, please visit the above link, or contact Katie Drager, Victoria Anderson, Amy Schafer, or Kamil Deen.

Linguistics-SLS Reading Room

The Reading Room is located in Moore Hall 572. It is for the use of all students and faculty in the departments of Linguistics and Second Language Studies, and contains 1000s of books along with journals and class reserve materials. It is not a lending library, but it is possible to borrow with special faculty permission. The room is staffed by volunteer student monitors from the two departments, and thus opening hours depend on the availability of volunteers.

An effort to construct an easy-to-use catalog of the Reading Room holdings is underway.