Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Student, MA (Simon Fraser University)
Syntactic & semantic typology, verb initiality, language & space, syntax & pragmatics of clause linkage, language endangerment, activism, revitalization, Salish, Austronesian, Sinitic, languages of Southeast Asia

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgBARLOW, Russell
Ph.D. candidate
Language documentation, historical linguistics, typology, Papuan languages

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgBELEW, Anna
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation, language endangerment, sociolinguistics, language technology, African linguistics

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgBLAKE, Amanda
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization, psycholinguistics, cognitive science

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgBLOYD, Tobias

Ph.D. candidate
Language documentation and conservation

Ph.D. Student
Experimental linguistics, psycholinguistics, morphosyntax, Philippine languages, Tagalog, language acquisition, aphasia and other language disorders

/wp-content/uploads/vchen.jpgCHEN, Victoria (Yen-hsin)
Ph.D. candidate, BA (National Taiwan University)
Diachronic syntax and morphology, comparative syntax and morphology, theoretical syntax, Austronesian comparative linguistics, Formosan languages, Tangut

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgCHEN, Yen-ling
Ph.D. candidate, MA (National Tsing Hua University)
Comparative & historical linguistics, typology, tone, Kradai, Sino-Tibetan

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgCHONG, Peter

Ph.D. Student

/wp-content/uploads/bclark.jpgCLARK, Brenda
Ph.D. candidate, BA (Gettysburg College)
Language documentation, Andean languages, animal (cetacean) communication, sign languages, phonology and morphonology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgDAILEY, Meagan
Ph.D. Student
Phonology, historical linguistics, language contact, language change, Oceanic languages

/wp-content/uploads/tdougherty.pngDOUGHERTY, Tom
Ph.D. Student, BA (Hawaii)
Historical linguistics, Japonic linguistics, language documentation, language description, philology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgELLIOTT, John
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and conservation, historical linguistics, language contact, language policy, bilingual education

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgESTIOCA, Sharon

Ph.D. Student

/wp-content/uploads/kgao.jpgGAO, Katie B.
Ph.D. program, BA (University of Central Arkansas)
Linguistic vitality & language endangerment, language mapping, contact linguistics, dialectology, ethnolinguistic identity, areal lingusitics of China and Southeast Asia

/wp-content/uploads/bhauk.jpgHAUK, Bryn
Ph.D. Student, BA (University of Michigan)
Language documentation and conservation, phonetics, phonology, Finno-Ugric languages, Turkic languages, Caucasian languages, pedagogy, language policy and planning, language technology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgHEATON, Raina
Ph.D. candidate
Language documentation and revitalization, typology, morphosyntax, areal linguistics, historical linguistics, languages of the Americas

/wp-content/uploads/khelgeson.jpgHELGESON, Kirsten
Ph.D. Student, BA (UCLA)
Language and geography, language documentation and revitalization, language and cognition, traditional ecological knowledge, phonetics, phonology

Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization, North American languages, archiving and technology, morphosyntax, typology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgHOOSHIAR, Kavon

Ph.D. Student

/wp-content/uploads/dji_headshot_100sq.jpgIANNUCCI, David J.
Ph.D. candidate, MS (Stony Brook), MA (Utah)
Grammatical theory, language change, Japonic, mathematical linguistics, digital humanities, Thomas
Ph.D. Student
Sociolinguistics, dialectology, historical linguistics, phonology, vowel theory

KIM, Jonny
Ph.D. candidate
Psycholinguistics, sociophonetics, speech perception, laboratory phonology & phonetics

/wp-content/uploads/clee.jpgLEE, Catherine
Ph.D. Student, BA, MA (Texas Tech)
Linguistic geography of Oʻahu, especially ethnophysiography and dialectology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgLEE, Yuri
Ph.D. Student
L1 acquisition, atypical language development, bilingualism

Ph.D. Student
Polynesian Languages (Samoan), Morphosyntax, Heritage Linguistics, Acquisition, Language Maintenance & Revitalization

/wp-content/uploads/cobrien.jpgO’BRIEN, Colleen Alena
Ph.D. Student, BA (Miami), MA (Hawaii)
Language documentation, syntax, anthroplogy

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgOIWA-BUNGARD, Mayumi
Ph.D. candidate, MA (Hawaii)
Language documentation, descriptive linguistics, phonology, Formosan, historical linguistics, contact linguistics

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgOKURA, Eve
Ph.D. candidate, MA (BYU)
Core Areas of Interest: Historical linguistics, linguistic typology, language documentation and conservation, morphology

ONO, Christianne
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation, language aquisition, sociolinguistics

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgPICK, Andrew
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization, phonology, historical linguistics

RARRICK, Samantha
Ph.D. candidate, BA (New Mexico)
Documentation & conservation, Papuan langauges, phonology, sign language linguistics

RENTZ, Bradley
Ph.D. Student, BA (Marquette University)
Language documentation & conservation, languages of Micronesia, Germanic languages, language & gender, sociolinguistics, discourse, Pacific Creoles, lexicography, technology & language documentation, linguistic geography

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgROSS, Melody Ann
Ph.D. candidate
Language documentation and conservation, language education policy and planning, Pidgins and Creoles, idioms, colors

Ph.D. Student
Language documentation, Austronesian languages, syntax, phonology, typology

SHIN, Gyu-Ho
Ph.D. Student
Emergentism, construction grammar, usage-based linguistics, cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, (first/second) langauge acquisition

/wp-content/uploads/smithad.jpgSMITH, Alexander D.
Ph.D. candidate, BA, MA (University of North Texas)
Austronesian languages, Austronesian comparative linguistics, languages of Borneo, phonological theory, prosodic theory, linguistic rhythm

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgSTABILE, Claire
Ph.D. Student
Acquisition, bilingualism, syntax, sociolinguistics, sign language syntax

STRONG, Katherine
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation, language revitalization, Austronesian languages, Barbacoan languages, phonology, morphology

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgTERRELL, Jake
Ph.D. candidate
Documentation, case & voice, tones, typology, sociolinguistics, language planning & policy, North Korea, SE Asia

/wp-content/uploads/jvanway.jpgVAN WAY, John
Ph.D. candidate, BA (Rhodes College)
Language documentation, endangered languages, phonology, tone, historical linguistics, language acquisition

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgYANG, Sejung

Ph.D. Student

M.A. Students

MA Student
African languages (Bantu), psycholinguistics, documentation, syntax, & phonology, Cassidy

MA Student

MA Student
Documentation and revitalization of endangered languages, historical linguistics, morphology, lexicography, writing systems

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgHAMPTON, Dustin

MA Student

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgRANSDELL-GREEN, Margaret
MA Student
Language documentation, endangered languages, morphology, phonology, language revitalization, historical linguistics

SMITH, Ashleigh
MA Student
Language documentation and revitalization, endangered languages, North American languages, morphology, animal communication, Maggie

MA Student, Maho
MA Student
English and Japanese syntax


MA Student, BA (UC Santa Barbara)
Syntax, phonology, Tsotsisaal and Iscamtho, German phonology, endangered languages, language policy, documentation of (endangered) oral literature

Undergraduate Students

Current Indisciplinary Studies Linguistics Majors

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgAKIN, Emmy (Margaret)
Undergraduate program
Native Californian Languages, Native Central and South American Languages, Language Revitalization, Local Ecological Knowledge within Language

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgFOX, Bonnie
Undergraduate program
Phonetics, Phonology, Korean, Second Language Acquisition

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgMORRIS, Margaret
Undergraduate program

/wp-content/uploads/genericperson.jpgQUIDDEOEN, Jesse
Undergraduate program