Ph.D. Students

KevinBaetscherBAETSCHER, Kevin
PhD Student, MA (Simon Fraser University)
Syntactic and semantic typology; verb initiality; language and space; syntax and pragmatics of clause linkage; language endangerment; activism; revitalization; Salish; Austronesian, Sinitic; languages of Southeast Asia

AnnaBelewBELEW, Anna
PhD Candidate
Language documentation; language endangerment; sociolinguistics; language technology; African linguistics

A (Doctoral)BLAKE, A.L.
PhD Student
Language documentation and revitalization; psycholinguistics; cognitive science

T (Doctoral)BLOYD, Tobias
PhD Candidate
Language documentation and conservation


IvanBondocBONDOC, Ivan
PhD Student
Experimental linguistics; psycholinguistics; morphosyntax; Philippine languages; Tagalog; language acquisition; aphasia and other language disorders

A (Doctoral)CAMP, Amber
PhD Student
Psycholinguistics; phonetics; intonation & prosody; first & second language acquisition; language documentation & revitalization.

Y (Doctoral)CHEN, Yen-ling
PhD Candidate, MA (National Tsing Hua University)
Comparative and historical linguistics; typology; tone; Kradai; Sino-Tibetan

P (Doctoral)CHONG, Peter
PhD Student


tdoughertyDOUGHERTY, Tom
PhD Student, BA (University of Hawaii)
Historical linguistics; language documentation and revitalization; Austronesian languages; Japonic languages; language isolates; Ainu; Okinawan; Yapese

PhD Student
Language documentation; linguistic typology; historical linguistics; phonetics; Mascoyan languages; Enlhet-Enenlhet languages; Gran Chaco areal linguistics

SharonEstiocaESTIOCA, Sharon
PhD Student
Language documentation; language acquisition and revitalization; language pedagogy; bilingual education; multi-lingual education; morphosyntax; Philippine-type languages; Western Subanon

PhD Student, BA (University of Michigan)
Language documentation and description; languages of the Caucasus; phonetics; morphology; syntax; language revitalization; open science; Finno-Ugric languages

khelgesonHELGESON, Kirsten
PhD Student, BA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Language and geography; language documentation and revitalization; language and cognition; traditional ecological knowledge; phonetics; phonology

RyanHenkeHENKE, Ryan
PhD Student
Language acquisition, documentation, and revitalization, particularly of Algonquian and Siouan languages; morphosyntax; archiving and technology

KavonHooshiarHOOSHIAR, Kavon
PhD Student, M.Sc. (TU Berlin), BS (UC Berkeley)
Language documentation and conservation; language maintenance and advocacy; technology in language documentation; Papuan languages

dji_headshot_100sqIANNUCCI, David J.
PhD Candidate, MS (Stony Brook), MA (Utah)
Grammatical theory; language change; Japonic; mathematical linguistics; digital humanities

T (Doctoral)KETTIG, Thomas
PhD Student, BA (McGill), MPhil (Cambridge)
Sociolinguistics; phonetics; phonology; historical linguistics; vowel shifts. Languages: English, French, Hawaiian, Finnish.

C (Doctoral)KHAIRUNNISA, Nisa
PhD Student


cleeLEE, Catherine
PhD Candidate, MA & BA (Texas Tech)
Hawaiian language, landscape ontologies, cognitive semantics, discourse analysis, linguistic geography

Y (Doctoral)LEE, Yuri
PhD Student
L1 acquisition; atypical language development; bilingualism

C (Doctoral)LIN, Daniel
PhD Student


mortensenMORTENSEN, Christian
PhD Student, BA (University of Chicago)
Languages of Borneo, with a focus on Lun Bawang/Lundayeh (which I speak fairly competently); symmetrical voice; synchronic and diachronic approaches to Austronesian morphosyntax; historical linguistics

C (Doctoral)NOSCHESE, Emily Jo
PhD Student


C (Doctoral)NUSARLERT, Porpla (Anongnard)
PhD Student


cobrienO’BRIEN, Colleen Alena
PhD Candidate, MA (University of Hawaii), BA (Miami)
Language documentation; syntax; anthropology

ohbaOHBA, Akari
PhD Student
Children’s first language acquisition; syntax; semantics; pragmatics


ChristianneOnoONO, Christianne
PhD Student
Language documentation; language acquisition; sociolinguistics

Pappas (100x100)PAPPAS, Leah
PhD Student
Language documentation and description, video documentation, phonetics, language contact and change, traditional knowledge systems, language and space. Languages spoken: French (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), Indonesian (intermediate) and Hawaiian (working knowledge)

A (Doctoral)PICK, Andrew
PhD Student
Language documentation and revitalization; phonology; historical linguistics

[Secondary website]
PhD Student
Language documentation, endangered languages, morphology, phonology, language revitalization, historical linguistics, Austronesian languages, Japonic languages, Celtic languages, Papuan languages

SchuelkeSCHUELKE, Peter
PhD Student
Language documentation and conservation; Roviana linguistics, Solomon Island linguistics; Austronesian languages; Pacific Island languages; syntax; symmetrical voice; ergativity; phonology; typology; Emergentism

GyuHoShinSHIN, Gyu-Ho
PhD Student
Emergentism; construction grammar; usage-based linguistics; cognitive linguistics; psycholinguistics; (first/second) language acquisition

SOU, Jennifer
PhD Student, BA (Georgetown University)
Language documentation and conservation; endangered languages; linguistic economics; activism.

C (Doctoral)STABILE, Claire
PhD Candidate
Acquisition; bilingualism; syntax; sociolinguistics; sign language syntax

KatherineStrongSTRONG, Katherine
Ph.D Student
Language documentation; language revitalization; Austronesian languages; Barbacoan languages; Kanowit; endangered languages.

SURMA, Ashleigh
PhD Student, BS (Black Hills State University)
Language documentation and conservation; language revitalization; northern Dene languages (Canada): Dene Dháh, Hän.

C (Doctoral)TRUONG, Christina
PhD Student


C (Doctoral)WILLIAMS-SOLOMON, Haʻalilio (Noah)
PhD Student
Hawaiian language pedagogy; revitalization; linguistic ideologies; translation theory; and morphosyntactic analysis


S (Doctoral)YANG, Sejung
PhD Candidate


C (Doctoral)YARBROUGH, Danielle
PhD Student



 M.A. Students

D (Masters)BARON, Michelle
MA Student, BA (University of Southern California)

Language processing, cognition & acquisition; sociolinguistics.  Languages: Persian, Mandarin, Hawaiian Pidgin.

D (Masters)BIANCHINI, Olivia
MA Student


CharsetCHAREST, Jessica
MA Student
Language documentation and revitalization.


D (Masters)DOMINGUEZ, Dillon (Keane)
MA Student


FETTES, Evelyn
MA Student

MA Student
Syntax, language documentation, Japanese in 17th-19th century

MA Student with focus on Historical Syntax
Syntactic description across languages, historical linguistics, language change across time, and the effects of historical relations between communities on their respective languages. I speak English, Japanese, and some Mandarin.


HAKIM, Jacob
MA Student
Language documentation, phonetics, historical linguistics

D (Masters)HANDLEY, Noella
MA Student
Sign languages, language documentation and revitalization, language ideologies, language policy, and linguistic anthropology
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, ASL


D (Masters)LIN, Kaiying
MA Student


LUDLOW, Sydney
MA Student, BA (Brigham Young University – Provo) Language documentation; phonology; historical linguistics; Amazonia; Napo and Paztasa Quichua; Waorani

MERRITT, Laurabeth
MA Student,


MA Student, BA (New York University)
Language Documentation and Conservation, Papuan languages, Morphology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Community-focused archiving.
Languages spoken: French (Cameroon)

MA Student


D (Masters)WAINWRIGHT, Meena
MA Student
Syntax, Language Documentation



Undergraduate Students

Current Indisciplinary Studies Linguistics Majors

E (Undergraduate)AKIN, Emmy (Margaret)
Undergraduate program
Native Californian languages; Native Central and South American languages; language revitalization; local ecological knowledge within language.

M (Undergraduate)MORRIS, Margaret
Undergraduate program