Ph.D. Students

KevinBaetscherBAETSCHER, Kevin
Ph.D. Student, MA (Simon Fraser University)
Syntactic and semantic typology; verb initiality; language and space; syntax and pragmatics of clause linkage; language endangerment; activism; revitalization; Salish; Austronesian, Sinitic; languages of Southeast Asia

R (Doctoral)BARLOW, Russell
Ph.D. Candidate
Language documentation; historical linguistics; typology; Papuan languages

AnnaBelewBELEW, Anna
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation; language endangerment; sociolinguistics; language technology; African linguistics

A (Doctoral)BLAKE, Amanda
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization; psycholinguistics; cognitive science

T (Doctoral)BLOYD, Tobias
Ph.D. Candidate
Language documentation and conservation


IvanBondocBONDOC, Ivan
Ph.D. Student
Experimental linguistics; psycholinguistics; morphosyntax; Philippine languages; Tagalog; language acquisition; aphasia and other language disorders

A (Doctoral)CAMP, Amber
Ph.D. Student
Psycholinguistics; phonetics; intonation & prosody; first & second language acquisition; language documentation & revitalization.

vchenCHEN, Victoria (Yen-hsin)
Ph.D. Candidate, BA (National Taiwan University)
Diachronic syntax and morphology; comparative syntax and morphology; theoretical syntax; Austronesian comparative linguistics; Formosan languages; Tangut

Y (Doctoral)CHEN, Yen-ling
Ph.D. Candidate, MA (National Tsing Hua University)
Comparative and historical linguistics; typology; tone; Kradai; Sino-Tibetan

P (Doctoral)CHONG, Peter
Ph.D. Student



bclarkCLARK, Brenda
Ph.D. Candidate, BA (Gettysburg College)
Language documentation; Andean languages; animal (cetacean) communication; sign languages; phonology and morphology

M (Doctoral)DAILEY, Meagan
Ph.D. Student
Phonology; historical linguistics; language contact; language change; Oceanic languages

tdoughertyDOUGHERTY, Tom
Ph.D. Student, BA (University of Hawaii)
Historicla linguistics; Japonic linguistics; language documentation; language description; philology

J (Doctoral)ELLIOTT, John
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and conservation; historical linguistics; language contact; language policy; bilingual education

SharonEstiocaESTIOCA, Sharon
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation; language acquisition and revitalization; language pedagogy; bilingual education; multi-lingual education; morphosyntax; Philippine-type languages; Western Subanon

kgaoGAO, Katie B.
Ph.D. Student, BA (University of Central Arkansas)
Linguistic vitality and language endangerment; language mapping; contact linguistics; dialectology; ethnolinguistic identity; areal linguistics of China and Southeast Asia

Ph.D. Student, BA (University of Michigan)
Language documentation and conservation; phonetics; phonology; Finno-Ugric languages; Turkic languages; Caucasian languages; pedagogy; language policy and planning; language technology

R (Doctoral)HEATON, Raina
Ph.D. Candidate
Language documentation and revitalization; typology; morphosyntax; areal linguistics; historical linguistics; languages of the Americas

khelgesonHELGESON, Kirsten
Ph.D. Student, BA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Language and geography; language documentation and revitalization; language and cognition; traditional ecological knowledge; phonetics; phonology

RyanHenkeHENKE, Ryan
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization; North American languages; archiving and technology; morphosyntax; typology

KavonHooshiarHOOSHIAR, Kavon
Ph.D. Student, M.Sc. (TU Berlin), BS (UC Berkeley)
Language documentation and conservation; language maintenance and advocacy; technology in language documentation; Papuan languages

dji_headshot_100sqIANNUCCI, David J.
Ph.D. Candidate, MS (Stony Brook), MA (Utah)
Grammatical theory; language change; Japonic; mathematical linguistics; digital humanities

T (Doctoral)KETTIG, Thomas
Ph.D. Student
Sociolinguistics; dialectology; historical linguistics; phonology; vowel theory

JonnyKimKIM, Jonny
Ph.D. Candidate
Psycholinguistics; sociophonetics; speech perception; laboratory phonology and phonetics

cleeLEE, Catherine
Ph.D. Student, MA & BA (Texas Tech)
Linguistic geography of O’ahu, especially ethnophysiography and dialectology

Y (Doctoral)LEE, Yuri
Ph.D. Student
L1 acquisition; atypical language development; bilingualism


C (Doctoral)MORTENSEN, Christian
PhD. Student, BA (University of Chicago)
Language documentation and description, language change and reconstruction, Austronesian languages, Lun Dayeh, morphosyntax, symmetrical voice

Grant Muagututi'aMUAGUTUTIA, Grant
Ph.D. Student
Polynesian languages (Samoan); morphosyntax; heritage linguistics; acquisition; language maintenance and revitalization

cobrienO’BRIEN, Colleen Alena
Ph.D. Student, MA (University of Hawaii), BA (Miami)
Language documentation; syntax; anthropology


M (Doctoral)OIWA-BUNGARD, Mayumi
Ph.D. Candidate, MA (University of Hawaii)
Language documentation; descriptive linguistics; phonology; Formosan; historical linguistics; contact linguistics

E (Doctoral)OKURA, Eve
Ph.D. Candidate, MA (Brigham Young University)
Historical linguistics; linguistic typology; language documentation and conservation; morphology

ChristianneOnoONO, Christianne
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation; language acquisition; sociolinguistics


13327582_10154375441360809_9216574809024063059_n (100x100)PAPPAS, Leah
Ph.D Student
Languages documentation and revitalization, phonology, morphology, language contact, ethnophysiography, traditional knowledge systems

A (Doctoral)PICK, Andrew
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation and revitalization; phonology; historical linguistics

SamRarrickRARRICK, Samantha
Ph.D. Candidate, BA (New Mexico)
Documentation and conservation; Papuan languages; phonology; sign language lingusitics

BradRentzRENTZ, Bradley
Ph.D. Student, BA (Marquette University)
Language documentation and conservation; languages of Micronesia; Germanic languages; language and gender; sociolinguistics; discourse; Pacific Creoles; lexicography; technology and language documentation; linguistic geography

M (Doctoral)ROSS, Melody Ann
Ph.D. Candidate
Language documentation and conservation; language education policy and planning; pidgins and creoles; idioms; colors

PeterSchuelkeSCHUELKE, Peter
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation; Austronesian languages; syntax; phonology; typology

GyuHoShinSHIN, Gyu-Ho
Ph.D. Student
Emergentism; construction grammar; usage-based linguistics; cognitive linguistics; psycholinguistics; (first/second) language acquisition

smithadSMITH, Alexander D.
Ph.D. Candidate, MA, BA (University of North Texas)
Austronesian languages; Austronesian comparative linguistics; languages of Borneo; phonological theory; prosodic theory; linguistic rhythm

C (Doctoral)STABILE, Claire
Ph.D. Student
Acquisition; bilingualism; syntax; sociolinguistics; sign language syntax

KatherineStrongSTRONG, Katherine
Ph.D. Student
Language documentation; language revitalization; Austronesian languages; Barbacoan languages; phonology; morphology

J (Doctoral)TERRELL, Jake
Ph.D. Candidate
Documentation; case and voice; tones; typology; sociolinguistics; language planning and policy; North Korea; Southeast Asia

jvanwayVAN WAY, John
Ph.D. Candidate, BA (Rhodes College)
Language documentation; endangered languages; phonology; tone; historical linguistics; language acquisition

S (Doctoral)YANG, Sejung
Ph.D. Student



M.A. Students

AshleyAndelianANDELIAN, Ashley
MA Student
African languages (Bantu); psycholingusitics; documentation; syntax; and phonology.

B (Masters)CLOSSON, Ben (Reuben)
MA Student



C (Masters)COPELAND, Cassidy
MA Student



DarrenFlavelleFLAVELLE, Darren
MA Student
Documentation and revitalization of endangered languages; historical linguistics; morphology; lexicography; writing systems.

D (Masters)HAMPTON, Dustin
MA Student



M (Masters)RANSDELL-GREEN, Margaret
MA Student
Language documentation; endangered languages; morphology; phonology; language revitalization; historical linguistics

AshleighSmithSMITH, Ashleigh
MA Student, BS (Black Hills State University)
Language documentation and revitalization; endangered languages; Athabascan (Dene), Algonquian, Siouan languages; morphology; semiotics.

M (Masters)SOOD, Maggie
MA Student



M (Masters)TAKAHASHI, Maho
MA Student
English and Japanese syntax.
caitlynthompsonTHOMPSON, Caitlyn
MA Student, BA (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Syntax; phonology; Tsotsisaal and Iscamtho; German phonology; endangered languages; language policy; documentation of (endangered) oral literature.


Undergraduate Students

Current Indisciplinary Studies Linguistics Majors

E (Undergraduate)AKIN, Emmy (Margaret)
Undergraduate program
Native Californian languages; Native Central and South American languages; language revitalization; local ecological knowledge within language.

B (Undergraduate)FOX, Bonnie
Undergraduate program
Phonetics; phonology; Korean; second language acquisition.
M (Undergraduate)MORRIS, Margaret
Undergraduate program


J (Undergraduate)QUIDDEOEN, Jesse
Undergraduate program