Cooperating, Affiliate, Adjunct, and Visiting Faculty

Cooperating graduate faculty are faculty with a primary appointment outside the Department of Linguistics who are eligible to serve on dissertation committees.

  • Full-level cooperating graduate faculty have sufficient expertise to chair dissertation committees for students in Linguistics.
  • Associate-level cooperating graduate faculty for the Department of Linguistics are typically faculty whose primary affiliation is in a unit that does not have a graduate program. They are eligible to serve as members of dissertation committees when they have appropriate research expertise for the dissertation topic, but not as the chair of the dissertation committee or as the University Representative (“external member”).

Note regarding additional committee members: Other faculty who have been appointed to the UHM Graduate Faculty are available to serve on dissertation committees. They must be Full Graduate Faculty to serve as the University Representative. See the Office of Graduate Education for a listing. Such faculty include those with primary appointments in psychology, anthropology, and other areas related to Linguistics research who regularly work with our students but are not listed here.

Affiliate Graduate Faculty are not faculty members of UH (they are non-compensated appointees). They are typically former graduate faculty who have moved to another institution who are still qualified and willing to serve as graduate faculty.

Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Faculty include former students or faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and others who are associated with the department to engage in research projects. They are not typically available to serve as advisors and do not typically teach at UH.


J (Staff)J.D. Brown
Cooperating Faculty (SLS)
Language learning and teaching; language testing.


lylecampLyle Campbell
Professor Emeritus & Affiliate Faculty
Language documentation; historical linguistics; endangered languages and language revitalization; typology; field methods; American Indian languages.

pdoneganPatricia J. Donegan
Retired & Affiliate Faculty
Phonology and phonetics; vowel systems; acquisition; variation and change; typology; Austroasiatic languages.

EmanuelEmanuel Dreschel
Cooperating Faculty (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Ethnolinguistics; American Indian languages.


R (Staff)Ryoko Hattori
Adjunct Faculty
Language documentation; Oceanic languages; language survival; typology; syntax; L1 acquisition.


yuphapha01Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong
Cooperating Faculty (IPLL)
Thai linguistics; Tai/Thai dialectology; language learning and teaching


GabiKasperGabriele Kasper
Cooperating Faculty (SLS)
Language and social interaction; socially grounded approaches to second language acquisition; qualitative research methodology.


P (Staff)Peter C. Lincoln
Visiting Colleague
Melanesian linguistics.


muagututiaGrant Muāgututiʿa
Polynesian linguistics; Samoan; Language Acquisition; Heritage Language; Syntax; Ergativity; Language Maintenance and Revitalization


yotsukaYuko Otsuka
Affiliate Faculty
Syntax; minimalist programs; Tongan and other Polynesian languages; Austronesian languages; endangered and under-documented languages of Polynesia; language planning in

krehgKenneth L. Rehg
Adjunct Faculty
Phonology; Micronesian linguistics; lexicography; endangered and under-documented languages; language contact; language planning; vernacular language education.

ChhanysPic1Chhany Sak-Humphry
Cooperating Faculty (IPLL)
Khmer language; linguistics and literature.


H (Staff)Hiroko Sato
Adjunct Faculty
Oceanic languages, especially Papua New Guinea.


jsiegel smallerJeff Siegel
Adjunct Faculty
Language contact and contact-induced language change; language and education; descriptive or sociolinguistic studies in Oceania and South Asia.

portrait-noenoeNoenoe K. Silva
Cooperating Faculty (POLS)
Hawaiian politics; indigenous politics.


thiebergerNick Thieberger
Adjunct Faculty
Vanuatu languages; Australian languages; linguistic fieldwork technologies; language archiving.


8-WoodwardJCJames Woodward
Adjunct Faculty
Sign languages.



yangChangyong Yang
Adjunct Faculty (Association Professor in the Department of English Education at Jeju National University)
Jeju language; language documentation and revitalization; discourse.


Other Faculty: