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LDTC is not alone in promoting language advocacy and linguistic diversity! Check out the links below to discover other organizations with related goals.

“Saphichay is a charitable organization founded and organized by indigenous identified peoples located in the central Andes in Peru. Saphichay supports indigenous rights and cultural survival. Our projects and collaborations preserve and revitalize ancient/ traditional wisdom to ensure their continuance for future generations. Indigenous wisdom and its traditions continue to be threatened, a key focus of our work is in supporting rural and urban indigenous communities/peoples. Our commitment to these communities are manifested through projects that involve – food sovereignty, bio-cultural conservation, bio-diversity management, reclaiming and reconnecting to our indigenous identity, language, wisdom and practices.”

Field Methods at the UH Linguistics Department
In collaboration with the Linguistics department on our campus, LDTC hosts some materials for field methods classes, in which linguistics students pursue intensive training in language documentation, by conduction documentation with speakers of various languages around the world.

at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa