Yantai (Fall 2014)

Me and my language

My native language, 烟台话 [Yantaihua] is a dialect of 胶东话 [JIaodonghua], which is spoken in Shandong province in Northern China. It is only partially understandable by native speakers of Mandarin. My parents’ generation make vigorous use of Yantaihua, but younger people tend to communicate in Mandarin instead and have only passive knowledge of Yantaihua. Nowadays, few babies grow up speaking Yantaihua. Unless people’s attitude changes quickly, the language that I and thousands of other people associate with home will disappear.

Name: 梁路 Liang Lu
Email: lianglu@hawaii.edu
Preferred language name(s): 烟台话 Yantai dialect
Alternative names: 胶东话 Jiaodong dialect
Geographical areas where spoken: 烟台 Yantai (Eastern Shandong)
Approximate number of monolingual speakers: 1,100,000
Other languages spoken in the area/country: Standard Mandarin
Official language(s) in your country: Standard Mandarin
Does your language have a widely accepted writing system? No

Its soooo hot! I need take a shower. (Shower sound) Wtf! Why is it cold water! Hurry, give me some warm wind! (Dryer sound) Wtf! What the hell is this wind! It messed up my hair style!!! Hurry, comb my hair! I am so damn handsome~~~~~

at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa