Weihai (Fall 2014)

Me and my language

Jiaodong dialect, especially Weihai dialect, is very unique among the Manarin languages. The style is a little bit tough, maybe it is related to the characteristics of the local people, who are simple, straightforward, and easygoing. This dialect appears often in movies, TV series, comedy shows, etc. because of the sense of humor conveyed by the speakers. Nowadays most of the elderlys can only speak Weihai dialect, but the young generation start to learn Mandarin at school.

Name: Sun, Xiaoling
Email: sunxiaol at hawaii dot edu
Preferred language name(s): Weihai dialect
Alternative names: Jiaodong Dialect
Language classification: Sino-Tibetan, Sinitic language, Jiaoliao Mandarin
Geographical areas where spoken: Weihai City, Shandong Province of China
Approximate number of monolingual speakers: around 600,000
Other languages spoken in the area/country: Mandarin
Official language(s) in your country: Mandarin
Does your language have a widely accepted writing system? No
If yes, what materials are written?

Language Background
What have other sources said about your language?

Reported # of speakers      Vitality Assessment
endangeredlanguages.com        NA                      NA
ethnologue.com                                NA
en.wikipedia.org                               NA                         NA

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