Some of the revitalization efforts to protect and prosper the usage of Kurdish language are personal and community based initiatives. These efforts come as English is becoming a more dominant medium of communication for businesses and also in the lack of Kurdish integration with present day technology. In other words, the everyday tech gadgets like laptops, tablets and mobile rarely come with inbuilt Kurdish language support. They do not provide keyboard (keypad) and grammar and spelling support. Mobile application developers taken the initiative by designing applications and programs to provide this much needed language tools, where users can download and install on their phones so that they can type in Kurdish. Software developers designed online dictionaries for translations between English, Kurdish and Arabic, and started online platforms for teaching Kurdish for those unable to access lessons on leaning Kurdish.

Others utilize social media platforms to exchange, record and share endangered everyday words of certain towns and cities in the Kurdistan Region. Words that had more common usage and were used more often in the past.

at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa