Kurdish (F16)

About Me and My Language

Name: Shivan Fazil
Contact: shivan.fazil@gmail.com
Preferred language name(s): Kurdish
Alternative names: Kurdish Central Dialect (Sorani) 
Language classification: Indo-European‎, Iranian.
Geographical areas where spoken: Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and Iran.
Approximate number of speakers: 7, 250,000
Other languages spoken in the community: Arabic, Persian.
Official language(s) in your country: Kurdish and Arabic.
Other language(s) in your country: Turkmen, Syriac.
Does your language have a widely accepted writing system? Yes.

If yes, what materials are written?

Kurdish is the official language in Iraq and the autonomous Kurdistan Region. It is used in government, mass media, education and the workplace. However, the Kurds in Iran are still unable to study in their mother tongue as Iranian regime does not recognize the minorities rights.

Language Background
My vitality assessment

Not Endangered

Inter-generational transmission: 
All community members speak the language.
Absolute number of speakers:
Speaker number trends:
Almost all community members speak the language; speaker numbers are stable or increasing.
Domains of use of the language:
Used in government, mass media, education and the workplace; most speakers value their language education and literacy in the language are valued by most community members; government and other institutions support the language. Official status in Kurdistan.

What have other sources said about your language?

Reported # of speakers Vitality Assessment
ethnologue.com  7,250,000  2
en.wikipedia.org  7,000,000  –

at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa