Join LDTC!

LDTC is always looking for language experts and volunteers! To get involved, email for more info on how to attend and introductory meeting and/or workshop.

You can participate as a:
Language Expert: a fluent or heritage speaker of any lesser-documented language, dialect, or variety. Join is in our Basic Workshop series offered every semester at UH Mānoa to learn about basic linguistic theory, methods of language documentation, and software tools in documentation. You’ll be paired with a linguistic mentor and together you’ll make a small website to showcase your language and what you’ve learned. Continue for a second semester with our Advanced Workshop, where you’ll hone your linguistic knowledge and have the freedom to expand your documentation of your language in the direction that best suits you. Both UH students and O’ahu community members are welcome to apply.

Language Experts – Apply Here!

Linguistic Mentor: if you are studying linguistics or have training as a linguist, join our workshops to mentor a language expert as they complete their project. If you are a first semester student without linguistic training, or a non-linguist who only speaks a widely spoken/national language – no problem! You can participate in a group with a language expert and a more experienced mentor.

Mentors – Apply Here!

Volunteer: want to support the goals of language advocacy sustaining linguistic diversity but don’t fit into the above two categories? No problem! You can participate in LDTC in a variety of other ways as well. You can have a major impact by volunteering on tasks like recruitment and community outreach and web development.
Workshop organizer: if you are a community member and/or linguist located outside of Hawaiʻi and want to organize workshops using the methodology pioneered by LDTC, we can help! We can send a team of our linguistic students to help your community implement training workshops, or otherwise advise you on getting started.

If you are interested in LDTC but not sure which role you might fit into, or otherwise have questions, please contact us!


You can use the following recruitment materials if you would like to spread the word about LDTC (click on the images for downloadable versions). You can contact us to request more specific materials.

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