Cooperating Graduate Faculty in Other Departments

Cooperating faculty in other departments are able to chair Linguistics dissertations. Please contact for more details.

NOTE: Those interested in working primarily with these professors should direct their applications to each professor’s respective departments as well.

R (Staff)Robert Bley-Vroman
Second Language Studies
Ph.D. (University of Washington)
Applied linguistics; syntax; second language acquisition theory.

hcookHaruko M. Cook
East Asian Languages & Literature (Japanese language)
Ph.D. (USC)
Japanese linguistics; sociolinguistics; discourse analysis and pragmatics.

shinfukuda-262x300Shinichiro Fukuda
East Asian Languages & Literature (Japanese linguistics)
Ph.D. (UC, San Diego)
Syntax; lexical semantics; syntax-lexical semantics interface phenomena and their acquisition; experimental syntax; Japanese lingusitics.

Gruter smallerTheres Gruter
Second Language Studies
Ph.D. (McGill University)
Morphosyntax and semantics; developmental psycholinguistics; language processing (using eye-tracking methods); bilingualism.

higgins smallerChristina M. Higgins
Second Language Studies
Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sociolinguistics; ethnographic discourse analysis; hybridity; language and identity; language and globalization; arts-based approaches to
critical language awareness.

bschwartzBonnie D. Schwartz
Second Language Studies
Ph.D. (USC)
Linguistic theory and second language acquisition; universal grammar; child second language acquisition.

hsohnHo-Min Sohn
East Asian Languages & Literature (Korean language and linguistics)
Ph.D. (University of Hawaii)
Korean linguistics; grammaticalization.

Other Faculty: