Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Emeritus and Faculty


Victoria Anderson
Retired Faculty
Prosody; experimental linguistics; endangered and under-documented languages; animal communication; speech technology.

Lyle Campbell
Professor Emeritus
Language documentation, historical linguistics, endangered languages and language revitalization, typology, field methods, American Indian languages.

Patricia Donegan
Retired Faculty
Phonological theory; Mon Khmer languages; Munda; natural phonology; child phonology.


Michael L. Forman
Professor Emeritus
General lingusitics; ethnographic linguistics; Philippine studies; language documentation.

A (Staff)Anatole Lyovin
Retired Faculty
Historical linguistics; language typology; and Sino-Tibetan.

apetersAnn M. Peters
Professor Emeritus
Language acquisition; prosody; emergence of grammatical morphemes; crosslinguistic issues.

Kenneth Rehg
Retired Faculty
Language documentation and conservation; phonological theory; Pohnpeian; Oceanic languages.

reidLawrence A. Reid
Professor Emeritus (Social Science Research Institute)
Austronesian, especially Philippine and Formosan languages; lexicography; morphosyntactic reconstruction.

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