Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Emeritus and Faculty

Lyle Campbell
Professor Emeritus
Language documentation, historical linguistics, endangered languages and language revitalization, typology, field methods, American Indian languages.

Patricia Donegan
Retired Faculty
Phonological theory; Mon Khmer languages; Munda; natural phonology; child phonology.


Michael L. Forman
Professor Emeritus
General lingusitics; ethnographic linguistics; Philippine studies; language documentation.

A (Staff)Anatole Lyovin
Retired Faculty
Historical linguistics; language typology; and Sino-Tibetan.

apetersAnn M. Peters
Professor Emeritus
Language acquisition; prosody; emergence of grammatical morphemes; crosslinguistic issues.

Kenneth Rehg
Retired Faculty
Language documentation and conservation; phonological theory; Pohnpeian; Oceanic languages.

reidLawrence A. Reid
Professor Emeritus (Social Science Research Institute)
Austronesian, especially Philippine and Formosan languages; lexicography; morphosyntactic reconstruction.

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