Michael L. Forman

Professor Emeritus
General linguistics; ethnographic linguistics; Philippine studies, language documentation


  • Linguistics 615: The Nature of Language
  • Linguistics 414 (x-list Anthropology 414): Intro. to Linguistic Anthropology
  • Linguistics 640G&S, 750G&S: our course offerings in Sociolinguistics and Ethnolinguistics
  • Linguistic 102: Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Linguistics 320: General Linguistics

Selected Publications

  • Verb serialization, word order typology, and Zamboangueño: A Comparative approach. Oceanic Linguistics 32, 1 (1993)
  • Reviews (1) of Ellen Basso (1995) The Last Cannibals: A South American oral history, in Biography 20.2 (Spring 1997); (2) of Jenny Cheshire, ed. (1991) English Around the World: Sociolinguistic Perspectives, in World Englishes 11.1: 71-74 (1992).


BA 1961, Latin & English, John Carroll University
Peace Corps Volunteer, Group I, Philippines 1961-64
Ph.D. general linguistics, Cornell University 1972
hired at UH 1968, here ever since.
fieldwork: Philippines, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, O’ahu