Ph.D. Student, MA (Simon Fraser University)   [Web site]
Syntactic & semantic typology, verb initiality, language & space, syntax & pragmatics of clause linkage, language endangerment, activism, revitalization, Salish, Austronesian, Sinitic, languages of Southeast Asia

My main theoretical interest lies in the typology of syntax, in particular the distribution, origins, and typological correlates of verb initiality on a global scale. I also take interest in the syntax and pragmatics of clause linking, as well as in questions of semantic typology, most particularly the linguistic encoding of spatial relations.
I am passionate about language documentation and conservation, and have been involved in the documentation and/or teaching of the following languages in the past few years: Mlabri (Austroasiatic, Thailand), Halkomelem (Salish, British Columbia), Kapampangan and Kinaray-a (Austronesian, Philippines), Plngawan Atayal and Touda Sediq (Austronesian, Taiwan), Kamano-Kafe (Trans-New Guinea, PNG). More generally, I am interested in the linguistic areas of the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia, as well as in Sinitic and Austronesian languages.