My main theoretical interest lies in the typology of syntax, in particular the distribution, origins, and typological correlates of verb initiality on a global scale. I also take interest in the syntax and pragmatics of clause linking, as well as in questions of semantic typology, most particularly the linguistic encoding of spatial relations.
I am passionate about language documentation and conservation, and have been involved in the documentation and/or teaching of the following languages in the past few years: Mlabri (Austroasiatic, Thailand), Halkomelem (Salish, British Columbia), Kapampangan and Kinaray-a (Austronesian, Philippines), Plngawan Atayal and Touda Sediq (Austronesian, Taiwan), Kamano-Kafe (Trans-New Guinea, PNG). More generally, I am interested in the linguistic areas of the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia, as well as in Sinitic and Austronesian languages.