SMITH, Alexander D.

I am primarily interested in the documentation and study of Austronesian languages, especially the Austronesian languages of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, China, and Taiwan). My recent work has focused largely on languages of Borneo with special focus on the Kenyah languages in Malaysian Borneo along the Baram river, though I have some experience with Burushaski, a language isolate spoken in northern Pakistan, and research experience with Lamkang, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the state of Manipur, India. More Broadly, I am interested in both the comparative and descriptive aspects of language documentation. I put high value on understanding the history of a language as a means for understanding a modern language. To this extent I am also highly interested in contributing to comparative scholarship on Austronesian languages. I am also very interested in studying the rhythm of language through formal theory. I use a framework of Natural Phonology and the prosody of beats when making theoretical contributions.