Department of Linguistics Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of supporting  student and faculty projects within the Department of Linguistics. Because of the limited amount of funds available, only a relatively small number of awards can be made (up to a maximum of $500 in total) in each semester.


Only faculty within the Department of Linguistics and students pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree within the department are eligible to apply for assistance.

Selection Criteria:

If funds are available, awards will be made only when outside funding is unavailable, or to supplement funds obtained from other sources, and only when it is demonstrated that the funds are essential for a project that the Endowment Fund Committee believes has high priority for the professional development of the applicant. Possible projects for which funds may be requested include, but are not limited to, travel to conferences or fieldwork sites, research equipment, and supplies. In the case of travel, the applicant must show that s/he has applied to other funding sources, such as the GSO. Both students and faculty may apply for funds, but priority will be given to student applications.

Application procedure:

FOUR copies of the application for a project award should be filed with the Secretary of the Department of Linguistics at any time during the semester.

Application deadlines:

The deadline for application for each semester falls on the last Friday of FEBRUARY and OCTOBER, for Spring and Fall semesters respectively. Applications for retroactive funding are not encouraged, but will be accepted.

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