The Department of Linguistics offers two basic types of financial aid to its graduate students: Achievement Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships.

Achievement Scholarships consist of full or partial tuition waivers.  No work commitment is associated with these awards.

Graduate Assistantships includes both a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, currently worth currently worth approximately $18,204 per year for PhD students (depending on hiring step; MA students, if awarded a graduate assistantship, typically received slightly less), plus the option of enrolling in the employee medical insurance plan.

Please refer to our Financial Aid Policy for more details.

 Ph.D. Program

The Department of Linguistics provides all Ph.D. students with full support (a Graduate Assistantship that includes a stipend and a full tuition waiver) for eight semesters.  Students may apply for up to two additional semesters of Graduate Assistantship support on a competitive basis, subject to the availability of funds.

Eligible doctoral students in the Department of Linguistics may apply for the Bilinski Fellowship in Linguistics.

MA Program

A variety of financial aid, including Graduate Assistantship and tuition waivers, is available on a competitive basis to MA students.

External Funding

Students are encouraged to apply for external funding during their first few years in residence, and many of our students are highly successful at procuring external grants from agencies such as the NSF and other private foundations. Following is a list of potential sources:

American Association of University Women (Includes dissertation year fellowships and fellowships for international students)
American Educational Research Association (Includes pre-dissertation fellowships for research related to education)
Community of Science
Cornell University Grants and Fellowships Database
Educational Testing Service Jacqueline A. Ross Dissertation Award
Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP)
Endangered Language Fund
Ford Foundation: Predoctoral, Dissertation, and Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities
Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (For non-U.S. citizens from an eligible IFP country)
Foundation for Endangered Languages
Founder Region Fellowship (For women; funding for last year of Ph.D.)
Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program
Japan Foundation: Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates
Korean-American Scholarship Foundation (Undergraduate and Graduate support)
Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Innovations): Cooperative Research Fellowship Program
Mellon Fellowships
Michigan State University Grants and Related Resources Page
National Institutes of Health (NIH) (Especially NRSA Postdoctoral Awards)
NRC Research Associateship Programs
NSF Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL)
NSF – SBE – BCS – Linguistics
NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Doctoral dissertation improvement grants. (Open to non-U.S. citizens enrolled at a U.S. institution.)
Spencer Foundation (A range of support for scholarship on education, broadly conceived.)
UH Asian Studies Program Scholarships
UH Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships Database
UH Graduate Division Financial Information
UH New Economy Research Grants
UH Research Relations Page (Includes a list of funding sources.)