Graduate Admissions

The Department of Linguistics accepts electronic applications, submitted via email.  However, applicants must also submit a separate application to the University of Hawaii, Office of Graduate Education, which may require submission of hard copies of some documents, e.g. official transcripts.

Application Deadlines

(If the application deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the next work day.)

  • For admission in the Fall semester, the deadline for receipt of all application materials is December 1st. Applications received after this date will be considered as space permits.
  • For admission in the Spring semester, the deadline for receipt of all application materials is the preceding September 1st. Applications received after this date will be considered as space permits.

How to apply for admission

The application process consists of two components: (I) an application to Office of Graduate Education, and (II) an application to the Department of Linguistics. Be sure to complete both components fully.

  1. Apply for admission to the Office of Graduate Education
    General Information about the Office of Graduate Education’s requirements can be found on their Website for Prospective Students. You may apply to the Office of Graduate Education either online or by paper application.

    1. You will need to provide the following set of documents to the Office of Graduate Education:
      1. Application form and appropriate fee;
      2. One official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, sent directly from the institution to the Office of Graduate Education;
      3. Official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score report is required (for international applicants, as well as some immigrant and US applicants).  Our program requires a minimum TOEFL score of 100 (internet)/250 (computer)/600 (paper) for admissibility and for waiver of English Language Institute (ELI) placement tests.  We also accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of seven in place of the TOEFL 100/250/600.  TOEFL or IELTS scores cannot be more than two years old;
      4. Verification of financial status (for international applicants).

Contact Information for the Office of Graduate Education
Graduate Student Services

University of Hawaii at Manoa
2540 Maile Way, Spalding 354
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-8544

How to apply for admission to the Department of Linguistics:

    1. Collect the following separate set of documents, to be sent to the Linguistics Department:
      1. Department of Linguistics Application Form (PDF)
      2. Three (3) letters of recommendation (Department of Linguistics letter of recommendation form [PDF])
        1. Send each referee the PDF waiver file, filled out and (electronically) signed by you beforehand.  Please cc when you send this waiver so we have a copy.
        2. Ask your referee to submit letters in PDF format, using a naming convention such as the following: APPLICANTLASTNAME_LOR.pdf, e.g., SAPIR_LOR.pdf.
          1. GRE scores (no more than 5 years old). If you have a PDF of these results, you may rename this file using the following naming convention: LASTNAME_GRE.pdf., e.g., SAPIR_GRE.pdf.
          2. A sample of your academic writing, such as a seminar paper. This must be in English.  Please name this as follows: LASTNAME_Writingsample.pdf, e.g., SAPIR_Writingsample.pdf.  If you submit two writing samples, consider using an informative naming convention, e.g., SAPIR_THESIS.pdf and SAPIR_BUCLDPROCEEDINGS.pdf.
          3. Statement of Objectives.  Name this as follows:  LASTNAME_SoP.pdf, e.g., SAPIR_SoP.pdf.
    2. ***Starting June 1, 2017, for Spring 2018 applications, students who submit applications online may use the Graduate Application Supplemental Documents Upload Website to submit supporting application materials (e.g. statement of objective, unofficial test scores, unofficial transcripts, writing samples) and requests for letters of recommendation or support documents from a third-party.

Be sure to submit everything in PDF format, as separate documents, using the naming conventions described above.  You may either place all the individual PDF documents into a single zip file and attach it to your email, or attach all the documents individually.

If you prefer, you may mail your printed documents, but this may result in a delay in our decision.  So be sure to mail things well before the application deadline.  You may submit material to the following address:

Linguistics Department
University of Hawaii at Manoa
1890  East-West Road, Moore 569
Honolulu, HI  96822

If you are interested in working primarily on second language acquisition with Professor Bley-Vroman and/or Professor Schwartz, please direct your application to the Department of Second Language Studies, where they are also members of the Graduate Faculty.