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Berez-Kroeker, McDonnell & Koller to edit 1st MIT Open Handbook in Linguistics

Three (3) Department of Linguistics researchers: Associate Professor Berez-Kroeker, Assistant Professor Brad McDonnell, and Postdoctoral Research Eve Koller, have a contract to edit the first volume in the new series of Open Handbooks in Linguistics by MIT Press Open. Their volume, called “The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management,” will be available for free download. They will be joined by a 4th editor, Dr. Lauren Collister, from University of Pittsburgh.

Alumni Update: James Grama

Dr. James Grama is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow affiliated with the ARC Centres of Excellence at the Australian National University. He is working on the Sydney Speaks project, which is focused on language variation in Sydney, Australia. He has been with the project since January 2017.

James graduated from our department in 2015. You can read a copy of his dissertation (chaired by Dr. Katie Drager), Variation and Change in Hawai’i Creole Vowels, by clicking on the title. Utilizing similar acoustical analyses, he’s currently investigating features of Australian English and its function in regard to socioeconomic status, network affiliation, and ethnicity.