Application Procedure and Requirements

As the Interdisciplinary Studies program requires that at least 21 of the credits for your major equivalent must be from courses you have not yet started, you should plan to complete the following procedure early in your junior year.

  1. Attend an orientation offered by Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Orientations can be scheduled by calling the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at 956-7297.
  2. Make an appointment with the Interdisciplinary Studies advisor to work on your proposal.
  3. Contact the Linguistics faculty advisor (Professor Amy Schafer at aschafer at hawaii dot edu) to discuss your major equivalent courses.
  4. Submit a complete proposal to the Interdisciplinary Studies program. At least 21 of the credits for your major equivalent must be from courses you have not yet started.  Sample proposal can be found here.
  5. Have your proposal reviewed and approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies program, the Linguistics faculty advisor, and the Dean of Arts and Sciences.


Your major equivalent must consist of 36 credit hours of course work, 15 of which must come from at least two disciplines other than linguistics. The Interdisciplinary Studies Program requires that at least 21 new credits to be counted towards the major be taken AFTER the student has had his or her degree proposal accepted. Course descriptions and prerequisites are available in the University Catalog.

Required courses (15 credits):

LING 320 General linguistics (3)
LING 410 Articulatory phonetics (3)
LING 420 Morphology (3)
LING 421 Introduction to Phonological Analysis (3)
LING 422 Introduction to Grammatical Analysis (3)

And TWO from the following list (6 credits):

LING 331 Computer Applications (3)
LING 344 Languages of the World (3)
LING 346 The Philippine Language Family (3)
LING 347 Pidgin and Creole Languages (3)
LING 412 Psycholinguistics (3)
LING 415 Language and Gender (3)
LING 416 Language as a Public Concern (3)
LING 417 Language Endangerment and Revitalization (3)
LING 423 Cognitive Linguistics (3)
LING 430 Animal Communication (3)
LING 431 Computational Modeling (3)
LING 441 Meaning (3)
LING 445 Polynesian Language Family (3)
LING 451 Induction of Linguistic Structure (3)
LING 470 Children’s Speech (3)

15 credit hours of course work in two other departments suited to students’ areas of interest and post-graduation plans: e.g., anthropology, English, foreign languages, information and computer sciences, music, philosophy, psychology, second language studies, etc.

*Please note that some of these courses are not regularly offered. Students should consult Class Availability when making course selections.